Each week, we buy a $20 container of Stracciatella gelato and it doesn’t last four days without disappearing. The gelato is so good that my fiancee eats it all before I even get a chance to - and so now we buy two containers and if he touches mine...lookout!
— Tammy S.
We bring our family week after week on a Saturday night when the place is full and there are other families to mingle with. It is one of the most social and family-driven places to hang out and relax. I love it there!
— Aaron S.
We live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and travel out to Scottsdale one week a month. That entire week, we are at That’s Amore six days of the seven...and if they were open on the seventh, we’d be there too! There is no gelato that even compares to the recipe they serve; it’s amazing!
— The Milwaukee Regulars
When I’m not at work...there’s a great chance I’m working leisurely at That’s Amore Gelato. I’ll start with my Mocha Latte and journey off into some gelato or pastries that remind me of eating homemade foods in my grandmother’s basement in Chicago. It’s awesome here!
— Candi L., Infusionsoft
My family has been hanging out with the That’s Amore Gelato family for many years. They are an establishment here in North Scottsdale and its always fun to take start-up technology CEO’s to get authentic gelato that leaves a lasting impression.
— Bob O.